Great Runestone Lillywinks

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The Great Runestone Lillywinks

"I like pie."

"Are those kobolds?! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"



"Truly, a much better fighter than I can ever be accomplished to" -Some dude resembling Vin Diesel

"After three beers, he starts looking cute. I calls him papa . . . -BELCH-" -Loptr

"I . . . had a dream!." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


A native of the Desert Rose park (no pun intended), Runestone Klinger Lillywinks started Amtgard about four years ago. Seen as a jokester or a kind of mascot you would like to forget about, Runestone is actually a loyal member of his park. Oh . . . and he's a flurb.

Flurb Story

Little is known about the man known as Runestone Klinger Lillywinks (RKL). A marshal's report some years ago said he was the only surviving orphan of a nomadic tribe, while another report said he was the son of a brothel owner in a large city somewhere. Even the Great RKL himself botches his background when asked, sober or not.

What is known about the Great Runestone Lillywinks is that he is not that Great. A rogue, a thief, and a conman of sorts, it would seem that RKL would rob a granny of everything she owned than help a baby in a puddle. Never a man that sits in one place, RKL is constantly moving from place to place, selling junk and living from purloin to purloin.

While a bard by trade, RKL has no magical talents, though he is adverse in the arts, both in creation and performance. Instead, RKL depends on his moderate knowledge in engineering, business, and herbalism to help him survive. In these aspects, RKL has been linked to many scrupulous groups.

While a traveling man, RKL usually keeps to the vast desert lands of the principality. In some cases though, he wanders into land abound for money, glory, and honor . . . but usually money.

Most of the time though The Great Runestone Lillywinks can be found hiding in the closet of Rico and Elsa Von Liechtenstein. He swears nothing wierd is happening but there is rumor that Rico and Elsa's youngest child "Butterfly" is Runestone's illegitimate offspring. Elsa has no comment.

Affiliated Groups

At moment, RKL is a co-captain of the Dragonblade Mercenaries. He has also been linked to the infamous House O' Hare.

Belted family

The closest thing we can find to a belt family is he was once Page of Crown Knight Sir Mathias. Rumor has it that these two are still associates.

Notable acomplishments

He is very proud being the winner of the Lake of Fire tournament where he beat countless children.

He also makes for a great Jack in the Box or oddly shaped fiddle, just ask Akin


  • Champion of the Desert Rose
  • GMR of the Desert Rose
  • Missionary of the Desert Rose

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