Empire's Grove

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Amtgard Chapter
Empire's Grove
Kingdom Goldenvale
Status Barony
City New York City
Park Central Park
Meets on Sundays 1pm
Founded 2009
Active Active

A Barony of Goldenvale, located in New York, New York.


The chapter was founded as Paintedvale in 2009 by Tiril and was populated by students from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. The group enjoyed a good run for a few years, before officially being declared defunct by Goldenvale, their sponsoring Kingdom, in December of 2011. The chapter restarted in June of 2012 as a freehold by Drayden, Candide Coating, Kelrick, Fleuric, Zeldon, and Tiril. In 2012 Painted Vale changed its name via Althing to 'Empire's Grove'.

As of June 2013 Empire's Grove is again sponsored by the Kingdom of Goldenvale. In November 2014 Empire's Grove became a Barony, and in May 2016 were elevated to Duchy. In February 2018 Empire's Grove voted via allthing to become a Barony

In 2017 the park voted to update our heraldry with the colors of our late park member, Raven Sellsword.



June - November 2019

Baron: Cat Master Man-At-Arms Scylla
Regent: Sir Sif the Ageless
Champion: Esquire Alistair
Chancellor: Mistress Squire Chrysanthemum
Guild Master of Reeves: Rebel Leader Hege Hues

Contacts and Directions

Location: New York City, New York

Our chapter meets weekly on Sundays from 1 pm - 4/5 pm in Central Park. The field is situated between the 81st Street and 83rd Street entrances on the west side of the park by the Museum of Natural History. If you enter via the 86th and Central Park West entrance and head towards the Great Lawn, we are on the right-hand side, across from the swings and pull-up bars.


There is an elevator subway entrance from the west side 1 train at the 72nd and 96th st station, about 15 minutes from field. The area in which we play does not have benches near field though we do try to grab a picnic bench for a place to sit. There is a public restroom about 5 minutes away from field with accessible stalls. Terrain on field is on woodchips and dirt, can get very muddy, and there are often holes on field that we try and fill. There are no nearby outlets. For any other questions about accessibility please message an officer on the Facebook page and we will answer any questions you have.

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