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Dame Visconte Maera Halvorsdottir, "The NICE," of the Duchy of Phoenix Tears in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore.

”*sigh* SwordCutSpearStabMaceSmash...”


Maera began in Amtgard in October, 1999, when her boffer-fighting group was accepted into the Kingdom of the Wetlands as the Shire of Crimson Moon. She was an artisan, a singer, and one of the "Moms" of Phoenix Tears.

Maera battled cancer valiantly for many years. In June of 2018 she passed away and Tal Dagore was left lesser for her loss.

Affiliated Groups

Head Wench (Blue) of the Warder Wenches

Maggie O'Conner's Mom (Not Alona's Mom)

Belted Family

Maera was made a Knight of the Serpent on March 23, 2013. She was never a squire, and so is the fount of her own line.

Notable Accomplishments

Founding Member, Crimson Moon

Founder, Cursed Prairie

Founder, Phoenix Tears

Founder, AEMA

Received title "The Nice" from Queen Mia, First Monarch of the Peasant Kingdom of Illinois (Long Live Queen Mia!)

Regent of the Shire-er-Barony-er-Duchy of Phoenix Tears

Master Healer

Master Dragon

Knight of the Serpent

Master Rose

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