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The High Fantasy Society is a LARP that split off from Amtgard in 1990, based primarily around Barad Duin, which was an early Grand Duchy, and some say the third kingdom of Amtgard in Austin, TX. It has a few other chapters mostly in central Texas. Some HFS players turn up at Amtgard events.


The rules are similar, clearly having a common origin. The Original HFS Rulebook was adapted from the Amtgard rulebook V5 by Aganar and Drakknar of the Chosen, but modifications made to both the HFS rules, and Amtgard's have made variations more distinct. It is still fairly easy for many players to adapt to the differences in rules without too much confusion.

The big differences in HFS from Amtgard are found in chapter government and culture. One of the founding principles of HFS was that each group is completely autonomous. Every chapter is referred to as its own kingdom, regardless or population. This does lead to the opportunity to for anyone to call themselves a kingdom. It has been said, "three guys in a bathtub can call themselves a kingdom," and upstart kingdoms have sometimes been deemed "Bathtub Kingdoms" in terms of validity.

This freedom also gives each group the opportunity to add to or change their park's game rules or set statutes for how they wish to govern themselves. That said, HFS groups remain fairly consistent in game rules by choice so that all groups can play together. Rules standards are revisited yearly in preparation for the major interkingdom HFS event, the Combined Realms War, usually held in June.

Most groups continue to have a monarch, a counselor, chancellor, and champion. Knighthood however is not necessarily awarded using the same standards from kingdom to kingdom. In some kingdoms one can be knighted up to three times, for service, arts, and combat, and refer to one with all three orders as "Tower Knights". Awards may also have different names in chapters, and additional awards are created specific to one chapter at its discretion. There are two methods for granting HFS awards, one similar to the old Amtgard system and one a unique HFS development.


Many players in the Austin area and some around Dallas play both games, There is even a Company called PGXIII that has members in both groups.

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