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Duke Thax Pyrite Talltree Grimwulff, of Drandmir HFS

"Don't waste my time with idle talk of dreams. Show me you are inspired to creative action."



in Amtgard

Thax was introduced to Barad Duin in 1991 by Onyx Grymwulf after the Barad Duin split. He began playing Amtgard in the reign of Arioch in 1992, with this close friend Carnelian in the Barony of Tirana in South Austin.

Alternate, and more commonly used, name for Miawara Asahi, 9th monarch of the Celestial Kingdom. Miawara donned this new persona and a set of cat ears more in likeness to a bunny, and declared the CK the Celestial Empire. He introduced the kingdom heraldry that is in common use today. Thax did a lot of RP during his reign some of which was not well received by the general populous. As a result, Thax was the first Monarch of the CK to be passed over for knighthood.

"The decision to not knight Thax was entirely mine... Thax was a slacker king. When he stepped down, I bestowed upon him a pair of roses and a Lion for service. That recognized his overall committment (on paper) of time to the kingdom, and placed him a step or two forward toward actually earning a knighthood. He never chose to take another step." Thax "was simply not in a position where his 'vision' of Amtgard was on the same page as everyone else in some important areas. And his youth prevented him from being able to address the issues that arose in a mature manner that fixed things."- Sir Arion Reinquist

Thax's bold moves paid off for the Celestial Kingdom in many ways, By breaking into Roleplay he inspired many future leaders in the CK; Father Thomas, Zodiac Darkjester, Breetai, Colonel, and Linden. He is often referred to as the Bunny King preceding the second Bunny king Colonel by nearly twenty reigns.

In 1996 Thax had returned to his home and was elected Baron of Tirana. Two young boys, each under 14 who lived in the neighborhood asked to play. After consulting their parents, he approved of their participation as monarch as per Corpora law. Word passed to King Zephram who demanded that Tirana cease allowing the children to participate. Tirana refused. Kaderian entered a proposal into Althing to either 1:deny the children from participating or 2:break from Amtgard as a group. Tirana chose to stay with Amtgard and Thax left Tirana along with many of his company.


in HFS

Thax eventually settled moved to Drandmir in HFS. He has made a point of staying out of political office, holding one position as champion since. Thax has instead put more effort into the arts, which he always enjoyed. He has become quite skilled in sewing and machine appliqué work, and weaving maile. He is making efforts to learn plate armour work. Thax still promotes the Order he helped to start. He has resided in Drandmir for over ten years and has been honored as one of their knights.

Belted Line

  • Knighted Sir Wilfred the Rook, he was not squired at the time of his knighting.

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was born Pyrite Talltree Grimwulf, the son of Onyx Grimwulf and an elven maiden of the Talltree line. His mother disappeared shortly after his birth and he was raised by his werewolf father along with his half brother, Carnelian. At adulthood Thax chose a name for himself, and studied as a bard to the shock of his father. He and his brother, who studied wizardry, to be a formidable duo. It time it was revealed to Thax that his mother was not the elven maiden his father was led to believe, but Contessa Francesca d'Pisa bella note dolce vita Vecchio Havas Grande Corleo, court noble, and golden dragon in magical disguise. If Thax inherited any magical gifts from this pairing, they are subtle and mysterious as none have manifested publicly. Thax lived to the age of an old and fragile man, having many adventures before taking on a quest with a party led by Lord Kelsar into the realm of Faerie. When the party emerged back into the world of men, Thax was no longer among them.

Miawara Asahi

was the youngest nephew of the great Miawara Tomokato, the Samurai Cat. He appeared in Tirana with the appearance of the Shadow Lands to fight the advancement demon world. He became Emperor of the Celestial Empire, surrounded by his personal guard of seven samurai advisers. The stresses of office proved too much for Miawara and he succumbed to madness, and was forced from the throne in disgrace.

Wilfred the Rook

was a soldier in the army of Drandmir under General Genrick during the Amberly wars. While in the field fighting for Drandmir expansion, his wife and children were among the hundreds murdered by Amberly by incineration. He holds a cold hatred for the general who lead him at the whim of Amberly, and all fire demons as a result, and has never pursued thought of remarriage. He has a tendency to drink and have bouts of depression.

Captain Sargasso

is a pirate who was among the minions of Ignacius, the undead lord. He was killed in a raid of one of the society's secret meetings, but was returned to unlife as a vampire by Ignacius. He continues his piracy across the Sea of 35 Eyes with newfound vitality.

Other Facts about Thax

  • Thax CAN believe it's not butter.
  • Thax can touch MC Hammer.
  • Thax ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
  • In the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine. But then Thax turned that wine into beer.

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