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Sir Jinken of Bhurtok in HFS |Sir Warlord Jinken in Amtgard

”Hate Fear Respect”


You want to know the truth about JLee? You can't handle it. Come back when you grow a pair.

If this is your second or third wanting to know the truth... Please read above.

Affiliated Groups

Captain of Rogue Company

Belted Family


Formerly Squired to Sir Spyn

JLee has one squire, Kiara Everwhacks, currently of the Wetlands, whom he clubs repeatedly because she sucks at range control.


HFS Lineage follows Sir Gabriel of Bhurtok Combat.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Sword - Given by Sir Shadow Mufhstoughir, of the Wetlands, June 2014.
Warlord - Given by King Docsi, EH, for a 37 kill streak, September 2012

Additional Images

  • Jinken & Scooter

More Information

Sir Jlee's Knighting

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

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