Vetla Norwood

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Lord Man-at-arms Vetla Norwood, Barony of Port Union, in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves (He/Him)

”The comfort of home is best when shared with those you love.”

Norwood Heraldry.jpg
Vetla Norwood
Home Park Port Union
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2019
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Man-At-Arms


Deep in the Northern Forests of Port Union, a dim light gently grew brighter. People around the world started to focus more and more on their own agendas: knighthoods, masteries in their fields, and awards. This focus has caused a need for comfort and home love.

That light grew and took the form of a new Avatar. Not all powerful, but a representation of what comfort and love truly is. Vetla came into this world to help people remember to keep their family close.

Affiliated Groups

Valentine Household
Mid Atlantic Pirate Court

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Started a Tavern for local members to use in game finances to "purchase" beverages and snacks ~June 2019
  • Became a member of Dark Chylde Belted line July 2022
  • Transitioned from Dark Chylde to Mercades in KFC 2023
  • Founding Member of Valentine Household KSC 2023
  • Founding Member and Former Pirate Lord of Mid-Atlantic Pirate court in 2023
  • Worked with Son's of Vikings "Come meet your Local LARP" Feb 2024
  • Took 1st place in Port Union Tournament May 2024

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