Brock Argenta

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Baron Sir Brock Argenta, of Gryphon's Perch, Rising Winds.

"Its a good name. Half Swedish, Half German, Half Winnebago."-Garlon


Seen with Sir Lief at Banner Wars 2003.


2nd and 3rd Baron of the Rising Winds before it gained kingdom status.

The Brock-O-Matic 5000 Translator employs only the finest Russian Mail Order Brides and AT&T help desk rejects to process translations of this nature. It is a proven scientific fact that Russian Mail Order Brides have a far superior grasp of the English language, grammar, sentence structure and spelling than 90% of Amtgarders.

Disclaimer: All the AT&T help desk rejects were hurt, maimed, and/or killed in the making of this translation. It was a public service to humanity since most were headed to be phone tech support for Microsoft.

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