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About to kick some ass at Harvest War

Amtgard Life

Real world son of Sirrah ElSpeth and brother of Syntaury.

Cynoe was born in Roswell, NM in 1985. Grew up in the game since age 5. In the early 90's his first park was in Las Cruses, NM known as Dragonspine. Then in the mid-90's his family moved to Albuquerque, NM and they became apart of the park Pegasus Valley. It is here were Cynoe learned to play the game, started fighting, and choose his persona. This was done at a very young age and so a lot of the ideas are outlandish and fun. But despite growing up, he still holds true to the story he has always told of Cynoe.

Playing through the 90's, he was able to meet many influential Amtgardians, mostly from Dragonspine, and experience the growth of the game as his family traveled to many other groups and events.

During his time at Pegasus Valley Cynoe received his first pages belt from Si-Echi of the Bushi No Guri. He also joined the Bushi No Guri as his first fighting company.

In 1998, approximately, he moved to Ohio with his family and played in fledgling group Falconridge (defunct). It was during this time that he left the Bushi No Guri and gave his pages belt back. At this point a member from Dragonspine, Sir Kurshan, came forward and offered him a Man At Arms belt, which he accepted. Also during this time after accepting his MAA belt he joined the fighting company Vision. During his time in Falconridge he played hard and his Knight saw fit to elevate him to Squire. So Cynoe flew back to Dragonspine to be gifted his red belt.

Many years later, he moved back to Roswell, NM and was a founder of Goblin's Inkwell (which went defunct in 2005)at a small park. At this park was the first time he held an office, Champion. He then took a hiatus, after Goblin's Inkwell went defunct, for about 7 years.

In 2012, approximately, he moved to Amarillo Texas and joined the local group Evermore Hollow. This was what broke his hiatus from the game. He jumped in with both feet and went to every event he could. He took on his first belt with Zane of Evermore Hollow. He began to find his way as an adult in the game. He played here for 2 years.

In 2015, after some personal life changes, Cynoe Moved back to Ohio and joined the park where he currently plays, Blackfire Pass. Here he met his now wife Shannon Bradford. He plays every weekend and doesn't plan to stop. From what we hear, he no longer deals with politics, but focuses on the game and its fun instead.

Amtgard Bio

Cynoe Wightstar is a blue elf. What is a blue elf you ask? Well, imagine an elf... then make it blue. All done...

But in all "seriousness"...

Cynoe was found in a frozen lake as a baby by a hunter who freed him and took him home. For many years Cynoe learned from the hunter, who raised him like his own son, and became very proficient with a bow. One day the hunter was called by the King to hunt down a rare beast. The hunter left on his hunt to never return home to the young blue skinned elf boy. Cynoe survived on the skills he was taught from the hunter. And when he was older and more confident, wrote a note for the hunter and left for the nearest kingdom.

There he found a man who would later become his mentor in the ways of magic. Cynoe had always been able to feel the magic around him but was never taught to use it, or learn about it. Here he learned the dark ways of magic. After finding out that the power a mage wielded was wide and grand, he killed his master and took over his workshop. Here he delved deep into dark magic as he began to work with necromancy. At the time, Cynoe had taken on a young vampire boy as an apprentice. One night after many days of study and work, Cynoe and his apprentice were awake with no food for many days. The boy from blood lust attacked Cynoe and bit him. In that moment Cynoe used the only thing he knew, and sacrificed the magic he had in him too stave off the blood infection. when the morning came the boy was gone and Cynoe found himself unable to tap into the magic he once had.

After this there was a dark period in his life where he was brutal and ruthless to all that came across his path. During this time a knight took notice of Cynoe's darkness and loyalty. The Knight granted the boy a right of belt hood under his watch. Vowing to never bow to anyone but the knight, Cynoe left to make a name for himself, the knight, and his newly minted entry into the knights belted family granted him a spot in a group of battle hardened group known as Vision.

He wandered for a while, from place to place, learning the way of the sword and shield. He began to see value in life, and began to rebel against his old nature of death and magic. An intense hate for Vampires formed, and he began to hunt them down. No one knew due to his already blue skin that his pale blue came from the now half vampire he was. During one fight with a very old and powerful vampire, a companion he had grown close to was killed. After defeating the vampire, Cynoe went to his fallen friend and called out hoping the old gods would hear him. Instead, or perhaps because of his pleas, he began to feel a familiar feeling of magic, yet different. Instead of death there was life. In the place of pain there was healing. At that moment is when he realized that not only had his blood changed, but his magic along with it. He was not able to save his friend from death, but he vowed to make it his new mission to not let others die unnecessarily.

For years Cynoe studied his new magic, trying to understand the ways of the healers. He also found that with song and with performance he was able to make things happen, strange things. People would listen strongly, or even take suggestion from it. The way of the Bard seemed strangely tied to that of the healers. But Cynoe pushed on eager to learn all he could about both disciplines.

After many cycles, Cynoe's magic began to wain again. But this a time it came with a thirst. A thirst he did not wish to indulge. After much study and trial and error with animals, He found that his magic was now tied to his blood consumption. He did not want that life, or to place a curse like that on anyone else. So Cynoe let his powers go. Only to call on them in hours of desperate need.

Cynoe was once again forced to the ways of the blade. He did not want to go back the brute force of the Sword and Shield. He remembered the hunter, the ways of teaching and the ways of his travels. How to hide in plane site, or to strike hard and get out breathing. He learned to strike targets in weak points, used his alchemy skills to make poisons, and most of all picked up throwing knives.

The way of assassins is messy, and Cynoe decided to elevate his craft. Honor for money is much better then murder to the highest bidder. Killing is not easy, life is short and money is plentiful. He gained a reputation of being effective at his craft, deadly with his knives, and moved like the shadows. All the while never betraying the core of who is is, an Elf of Honor.

Later he took over the Post of Chieftain in Vision. The old guard had all retired, been killed, or retreated from the world. The young elf's knight decided to pull back his forces and wall himself in a castle surrounded by Dragons and a horde of undead. Cynoe vowed to make his knight's name never be forgotten, make the belt line shine with hope again.

Where is he now?

His hips now stained with the red blooded leather belt, is out in the world doing all he can to prove that he and his line will never die. Still ever watchful for the hunter.


Cynoe on the field in Dragonspine


Again with the Harvest War, seen with Sir Alucard and Styxx Nobleheart

Belted Line

-Squire to Sir Kurshan Knight of the Crown.

-Man At Arms to Cynoe: Agrevall of Hammerfell
-Page to Cynoe: Beathan Ainslie

Former Belts to Cynoe:

 Zane of Evermore Hollow
 Wolf of Blackfire Pass
 Sephiroth of Falconridge

Chieftain of the fighting company Vision (ORK).