Saracens - Tribe Hellfire

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a fighting company branch of the Saracens Founded in the Rising Winds and currently in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore, based out of Phoenix Tears in Springfield, IL.


Saracens - Tribe Hellfire was started in September of 2007 by Cormac, Sabine, Ivey, Kokeiro, and Arias as a Tribe of the Rising Winds Saracens. Already, they have a commendable amount of members in their fighting roster.

Heraldry / Device

Colors: Black & Red.
A red skull with black flames.

Current Officers

Full S

Saracen Initiates

Phase Forgotten under Cormac

Tribal Initiate

  • Andra
  • Chasa
  • Xavier
  • Ghesh
  • Karl
  • Rourka
  • Suzuna
  • Bear


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