Scotty Wyngarde

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Sir Scotty "Boombati" Wyngarde Celestial Kingdom

"Run, then, cowards! I alone shall stand up to the onslaught of M.E.G.A. if I must!"

"Poles aren't People"

" We don't give a F*ck homes" Scotty and Kane


"Scotty Does!!!"


Sotty Wyngarde has played in Several kingdoms across the U.S. Scotty is a former Wetlander with an impressive service record, currently residing in the Celestial Kingdom. Scotty proudly and honorably serves in the time honored position of Pimp's Assitant to Doom Shaddizle Jewlips III, who has been pimpin' since pimpin's been pimpin.

His arch-nemesis Sir Harlan

                glen mallet of providence.

Affiliated Groups

Founder of the S.W.A. (Scotty's Wingman Alliance)

House Wyngarde (Son of Sir Luke)

Founder of C.R.I.M.E.


Belted line

Notable Accomplishment

Master Rose (2013) Knight of the Flame (2014)

Other Information

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