Big Mac Elkheart

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Bignatius Macintosh Elkheart
Mystic Seas
Player & Park
Persona Name: Bignatius Macintosh Elkheart
Park: Mystic Seas
Kingdom: Blackspire
Company: Annihalus
Personal Clan Heraldry

Baronet Warlord Squire Bignatius Macintosh Elkheart , of The Mystic Seas, Blackspire

"Who wants to have a quick class battle!?”

"Plura Adsiduitas" (Breed More) Via~Gealin of Devonshire


Started playing Amtgard shortly after Oathbreaker Bog was formed. He was a core member and rarely missed a day there until moving to the Mystic Seas.

When he moved to Mystic Seas he met a fine young shield maiden who piqued his interest in the world of A&S.
After a couple of years of fighting battles and slaying foes the two settled down in the SW portion of MS to share a new experience with one another.
The miracle of life.

Once our firstborn came into the World we wedded in the elements of our God's and now are binned by Thought and Memory.

Contrary to popular belief he is a real person, not a hamburger...

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of OBB Reigns 4,5,7 and 8

Regent of OBB Reign 6

Blackspre KGMR Reigns 17-20 & 32

Blackspre Champion Reigns 30 and 33

Title of Lord given by Silverlock at PacWar 13.

Walker in the Middle Given by Kalzar Soulless at Winterbash 2014

Baronet Given by Theory nolis on Oct 2nd 2021

Warlord given by King Theory Nolis on Nov 14th, 2021.

YouTube Channel

Online Record Keeper