Kalzar Soulless

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Duke Sir Kalzar Crabstab Soulless-Octavius of Silver Moon, Defender of Blackspire

aka "KGB"


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Kalzar started playing Amtgard in 2009 in Silvermoon. Some time after he started people started calling him Soulless because of his red hair. He decided to go with the name and have it be Kalzar Soulless. He became a squire in 2013 to Sir Jupiter. He joined Black Company in 2011. He left Black company and joined the Harbingers in 2013. At Pacwar 2014, due to Jupiter leaving Amtgard, Kalzar became squired to Saint Uriel Octavius.

Kalzar enjoys doing crab stuff.




Domus Octavii

House Gravy


Belted Line

Prior to their knighting Uriel was squired to Dama Kaia Kym-Nak-Mar.

Retired Squires

While unbelted much of their time prior to knighthood, Uriel spent their final year as a squired to Dame Kaia. Kaia would help fine tune and prepare Uriel to be a knight.

While not part of Domus Octavii, the extended knight family household, Kaia still holds a place of reverence from Uriel and all who were begot from their belt.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded his Duke title at Pacwar 2015
  • Elevated to Knight of the Crown at Winter Bash 2018
  • Awarded his Defender title in 2019


More Information

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