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Squire Everett 'Ten Bears' of Mystic Seas in the kingdom of Blackspire

"Mobile Santa Bar, HO HO HO MERRY ALCOHOL!!"

"I swing vast quantity's of stick, wanna join?"

"He has the strength of a bear, who has the strength of TEN BEARS!!" -Tseng


He started fighting with his Cousins Dourn and Trieste in the mystic seas proper in 2004 when he was a young lad of 14 (Have you seen kyle? Hes about thiiiiis tall*extend arm out straight ahead of you*... yeah that's me). Took some time off because he was young and his cousins quit. Returned recently in 2009 to Dragons Forge and now fights in Mystic Seas. Unless he gets the Sunday off then hes up at Mithril Hills. Heads over to Oathbreaker Bog most wed's now adays. come swing some stick, its fun!

Affiliated Groups

Goat of Team Chimera

Member of Annihalus (received his patch at Pacwar XIII)

Belted Line


Guild master of Wizards 3 reigns in a row

Recieved the Title of Master Wizard at Pacwar XIII from Sir Silverlock.

Food Related Accomplishments

Held the feast for Pacwar XI 2010 for Friday night dinner (the spaghetti feed). for his first camp out and first feast ever he did pretty well eh?

Held main fest at Winterbash 2011 by making Fajitas, his meat tastes the best!

Trieste, Armondo, and myself purchased, prepared, and donated the Chili for Pacwar XIII main feast, and damn that was some good chili

Additional Pics

Cousins Trieste and Everett at Pac-war stratagizing before the bear pit [1]

Getting Stabbed in the Groin by Cowdog at the Warmaster turny in Aug 09 [2]

At the Relic Quest in Silver Moon [3]

Fighting Shyden at the Midreign of BS 2009_1213thousandstars0032.jpg

Extra info regarding Camp Outs

If i bring me, will you bring the alcohol?