Moose Elkheart

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Lord Squire Moose Elkheart, of Oathbreaker Bog, Blackspire

"You may not be king anymore, but I still loves ya." Said To Sir Shortround after he handed off the throne

"I WANT MY F.O.A BACK!!!" (While, not knowing he's about to get patched into Annihalus)



Started playing in Oathbreaker Bog in 2008.

This Jovial Soul has touched the hearts of many in his pursuit of happiness.
He will be the kindest thing since sparkle pony's but will never think twice about saving a damsel in distress from whatever odd's may wait.

The lovable lug is known by all and respected by many. Whether devastating the field with his antlered presence or helping out with the wee ones frolicking through the tall grass. He'll try to think twice before saying what he's thinking but in the end he always seems to hook a smile from whomever gives him attention.

Affiliated Groups

Annihalus.gif Annihalus Trooper.

Clan Oathbreaker was a member.

Belted Family

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