Lady Green

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Lady Sir Lady Green of The Mystic Seas, Blackspire

"Wait, what?”
"licisci omina et in omnibus" Bitches, everything and everyone~ Lady Green

Lady Green
Home Park Mystic Seas
Kingdom Blackspire
Year Started 2002
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Serpent Knight


((She'll make one soon!))
Married to Big Mac Elkheart

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

(Former Woman at Arms to Countess Wicked)

Notable Accomplishments

Order of the Golden Arrow - Summer Midreign Deathball 2006

Hellrider - Winterbash 2013

Master Garber

Master Dragon (6/18/22)

Knight of the Serpent

Title of Lady Given by Kalzar Soulless at Winterbash 2014.

Paragon Scout

Master Scout Given by Kalzar Soulless at Mid-reign 2014.

Pacific War Dragon Master Winner 2013,2015,2016.

Winterbash Dragon Master Winner 2016

Additional Images

Far Left in theGrey .

Far Right in Green .

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