Ursor A. Bloodrunner

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Arch Duke Sir Ursor A. Bloodrunner, of Blackspire

”Shut your face hippie!”



Started playing in the summer of 1991. Saw some dudes hitt'n each other with padded weapons at the park across the street. Walked over and recognized some of them from highschool, Sir Lucifer, Sir Bob Munchausen. Met Zircon and Snake-eyes that day. Helped build the Kingdom of the Mystic Seas, moved to VSR for a time and evtually settled in the Celestial Kingdom. Joined Anniahlus somewhere in there as well, summer of 93 or 94 I think...

Affiliated Groups

Captain of Annihalus

Belted Family

Before Ursor was welcomed into the peerage he was Squired to Sir Militaurus. Ursor has one former squire that we know of, Sir Shortround. Currently squired: Goliath of Traitor's Gate; Daryth Bloodrider MIA(went and got a family ;), and Squire Broccoli Rottencroch.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Crown Clan '95 (VSR) Knight of the Flame Clan '97 (VSR) Knight of the Sword '99 Mystic Seas 3 confirmed hatings

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