Thomas Doubting

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Thomas Doubting the Doubting Thomas
John Witt
Chapter Emerald Cove
Kingdom Neverwinter
Started October 2006
Title The Eternally Broke
Contact Info.
E-Mail [email protected]

"For Cocoa!"


An orphan of war, Thomas Doubting has had an interesting, but ultimately empty, life. A mercenary by trade, he's traveled far and wide, learning all he can of war and magic. For a time, he resided, and subsequently ruled, the Cursed Prairie of the Rising Winds. He has since set his sites on another conquest, leaving the Prairie to the care of a trusted ally. Now residing on the outskirts of the Emerald Cove, in the Kingdom of Neverwinter, he's found his body, blade, and magic have started to atrophy from the long journey. Perhaps it's time to journey into the chaos of war again, and see where he's led to this time.


Known Associates