Árnyék Shadeflower

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Lord Árnyék Moonstone Hierophant Azrael Darksteel Shadeflower of The Dutchy of Faila Ranae, Winter's Edge

”Ach, laddie. I'm just a poor bard, I won't harm ye.”


Originally a (very infrequent) member of the populace of Forsaken Hallow, Árnyék founded The Freehold of Howling Eternities in Albany, Ga as its first (and, to date, only) monarch in 2017 with several other players. Due to unfortunate storms destroying the park, Howling Eternities never met for their first park day. Upon returning to college, Árnyék co-founded The Freehold of Valkyrie's Reach in Stateboro, Ga with Renedriel Celebhin, Mogar Gathakanathi, Tontor Kesry, Aridane Lark, and Asbjorn Skorrisson in September 2019. He has served three terms as Sheriff and led the park in petitioning and joining the Kingdom of Neverwinter as a Shire in February 2020.

Belt Family

Notable Accomplishments

Awards and Titles

Awards List(under construction)

Award Order Number Recieved By Whom
Order of the 4 10 April 2019 Arnyek
Order of the 2 10 April 2019 person
Order of the 1 18 August 2018 Person

Positions Held

  • Champion of Neverwinter: Feb. 2021-present
  • Sheriff of Valkyrie’s Reach: Sept. 2019-Feb. 2021
  • Bard Telyn, Bardic College of Neverwinter

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company

-Dagger of the Silvermoon: Rank-Dagger


-Bardic College of the Southeast
-House of Spirit's Rest
-House of the Hidden Blades
-Ravenclaw House
-Slytherin House
-House of the Spectral Dragons

More Information

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