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Baroness Sir Tiril the True, of Empire's Grove, Goldenvale, Master Druid

”I've led a rebellion before, I see no reason why I couldn't again.”

""I'm not an elf.""



Tiril started out at the BitterCoast in 2005. She founded the Shire of Paintedvale in 2009, the shire reformed in 2012 as of Empire's Grove.

Her small and very lovely belted family includes Woman at Arms Chanharia, Squire Mogis, and Sword at Arms Chrysanthemum, and Page Scylla <3

Affiliated Groups

Ravens, full bird, House Lionesse, House Fierce, and Safe Space GV.

One of the founders of the Toe Munchers.

Knights Radiant - Windrunner

Notable Accomplishments

Belted Family

More Information

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