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Baronet Sir Sif the Ageless of Empire's Grove, Goldenvale

”What would Odin do?”

Pronouns: she/her



Started in 2013 in the Shire of Empire's Grove

Notable Accomplishments

Winner of The Kingdom of Goldenvale's:

Notable Awards:

Noble Titles:

Non-Noble Titles:

  • "The Cryptozoologist" - 8/31/14
  • "Artificer" - 12/3/16
  • "Muse of Athena - 5/27/18
  • "Urban Nomad" - 8/29/19
  • "Defender of the Green Dragon" - 3/7/20
  • "Herald of the Zora" - 5/29/20

Other Achievements:

  • Won temporary use of various Kingdom and park Magic Items for Kingdom and park contests.
  • Won park level cultural competition at Empire's Grove when qualifying for office.
  • Various best in show judges choice, etc. at dragonmasters and cultural competitions.
  • Served as A&S crat at Goldenvale Kingdom Events:

Positions Held

Held office at Empire's Grove consecutively since 7/27/14 to 6/14/20

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Additional Images

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