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Colors: Blue and Black


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Some ravens at Gargoyle's Gate Fall Coronation 2013.

The Ravens are a Fighting Company on the Eastcoast, specifically within the Kingdoms of Goldenvale and Crystal Groves. They are based within the Duchy of The Bitter Coast (Kingdom of Goldenvale), and are led by their founder, the polarizing Sir Darva Oakstake, who he has led them to many victories, which has earned the Ravens an infamy rivaling that of Darva himself.

Ravens have made their presence known and respected at the "Company Ransom" battles held during most of the annual events within the Kingdoms of Goldenvale and Crystal Groves, beating other larger companies when outnumbered as much as 4-to-1.

Founded in the Bitter Coast by Sir Darva and Dame Tileri. The Ravens have members in Bitter Coast and Empire's Grove!