Exar Sadow

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Duke Marquis Baron Lord Sir Exar Sadow, of the Shire of Port of Winters Night under the Rising Winds.

”Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” ""Good For You""


Exar began playing in the late summer of 2005. He was trained and tempered at the Port of Winter's Night with the stickjocks that inhabit it. He attends all kingdom events and travels to other parks frequently. He became part of the Luminari fighting company in June 2006. He joined Frenzy United in September 2010 after the Luminari merged with former members of Ferrum Crux and others. In June of 2012 he became Squire to Sir Doc Marley. He was/is multiple time chancellor of PWN. He became Prime Minister to the RW in 2011 and held for 2 and a half terms. Became Monarch of the Rising Winds in March of 2013

Affiliated Groups

Luminari Frenzy United

Belted Family

Exar was Squire to The Dude Doc


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Knight of the Crown bestowed by Queen Jet and Sir Doc - 9/20/2014

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