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Squire Baronet Tink Von Brazilius of the Barony of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom

"I know for a fact that Red and Blue make Green!!"
"I am made of WIN you are made of Lose.... get over it!!"

Seen here with Abi


Squire Tink von Brazilius, started Amtgard in August of 2007 at Talon Field in the CK. She now plays at the Barony of Slaughter Creek . She travels quite frequently and loves visiting other kingdoms. While not out on the ditch fighting and shit talking she, is generally found in the company of her brother squire Dizzy Vertigo, her grand knight Arthon, and the Party Chicks. Tink loves and enjoys to pull shenanigans especially on those closest to her.


Seen here stabbing Shogun Jynx Mercades with AMS!

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • She is mostly of the stick jock set.
  • She says ... My Bad and WTF all the time.
  • Tinks stickjock mentality searches for prey, and dominace like a greyhoud.- E-Sam


Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

KFM, Tink, Arthon, Randalf Falconbridge

Notable Accomplishments


Additional Images

Banner Wars 2008

Tink wearing Sir Gavin's Armour at Spring War 2009

More Information