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Lady Sir Stinkfoot, of Falling Fire Neverwinter


Seen here getting some help with his belt from Damien at his knighting at PS2.


Knighted by Tar'get at Olympiad 2006 with Neverwinter's backing to do so. Self-described techflurb.

His name was given to him due to his uncanny ability to step in dog "landmines". If there is one spot in a field of 100 acres, he will find it and step in it.

Affiliated Groups

Triads - fighting company, of whom he is a founding member and a captain.

Household - Veritas

Belted Family

  • Former Squire to Tar'get. Stinkfoot has at least one under belt that has graduated into the peerage, Kardore.
  • His current squire is Squire DaPage
  • His Man at Arms are Myth and Speedbump

Tar'get De Mark

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