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Sir Countess AMC Sharpie of Falling Fire, Neverwinter

Sir AMC at her knighting in the order of the flame.


AMC joined Amtgard some time before Neverwinter became a kingdom. The name AMC, while having a meaning and origin, has become a game to come up with the most creative acronym. The winner thus far is from Azazel with Angry Mouthy C*nt. Strangely, while she will throw objects at the said current winner, Sir AMC has not denied the acronym.

Affiliated Groups

AMC is a member of House Veritas a Neverwinter household dedicated to service and the arts and sciences. AMC is also a Margarita Chick. Her fruit is the pineapple.

Belted family

AMC, before joining the peerage, was Squired to Sir Kardore. She has belted Shalazar as her Squire, and Destrie of Neverwinter and Covina of Neverwinter as Man at Arms.

Notable acomplishments

AMC has served as Autocrat and Feastcrat for numerous Neverwinter events. She was named Master Lion in 2006 by King Sir Nocturne, Master Rose by Queen Squire_Squire in 2008, and Master Color by Queen Covina in 2010.


AMC has been Falling Fire's unofficial permenent treasurer for many years. She has also served as kingdom Prime Minister and also several terms on the Neverwinter Board of Directors.

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An awesome scroll that ever awesomed


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