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Marquis Sir Flowbojin Thunderhammer, of Radiant Valley Winters Edge

"I'm me not you. If I were you I'd be reading this, but I'm not...you are. So if I got this right, you're there reading this, I'm probably looking at something disreputable, and Big Brother is watching us both."-Flow



Flow began playing Amtgard in the fall of 2000 at the Shire of Sleeping Dragon. He moved to the Barony of Mystic Glade at the beginning of 2001 and has stayed at that park, after Mystic Glade merged with Radiant Valley, ever since. After acquiring a 15-passenger van in 2002, Flow and the rest of the Glade begin traveling all over the United States to experience the greater Amtgard world.

Now a days, Flow along with his Squire Teflon and MaA Cabbage host a weekly podcast.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Triads and the Sons of Ra.

Suspected affiliation with the Seraphim and Maelstrom

Belted Family

Former MAA to Sir Kardore, now Squire to Sir Stinkfoot

Tar'get De Mark

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

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