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Lord Man at Arms SimiaVir, of Dragon's Hollow, Winter's Edge



SimiaVir first started on March 2nd, 2008. He is always ready to help others and is usually found helping run Shadow Forge. He has been one of the main individuals who helped get the Western Region of Winters Edge up and running, autocrating their first event in Aug of 2014 which pulled in almost $900 to help run their next event. One of the Founding members of The Wyld Hunt, he auto crated the first Wyld Hunt in Oct of 2014, The Wyld Hunt is now on its 4th installment which is hosting a Wedding for some of the Western Regions Members. He was elected to the Winters Edge BOD in feb of 2016 in which he became President.

Noted accomplishments include being the Food Crat of over 13 events since 2010.

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