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Grand Duke Sir Cabbage Tidehammer, of Radiant Valley, Winter's Edge

”Only two things frighten me, and one of them is nuclear war” (A hint at the origin of the name)



Cabbage started playing Amtgard in the Fall of 2006 at the Barony of the Mystic Glade while in High School. Over time, Mystic Glade (and other surrounding parks from Winter's Edge) merged with Radiant Valley, which he now considers his home park. From 2012 to 2018, Cabbage took a break from the game to raise his son but returned in 2018 to see his friend Flow become a knight.

Upon returning to the game he found his home park of Radiant Valley in a state of disrepair and worked to rebuild it, re-formalizing the leadership structure there and kindling the park back to active status along with the help of Vidalia

Cabbage currently is currently the Monarch of Winter's Edge and was crowned just before the COVID-19 crisis began in full. Cabbage has served 2 terms consecutively during the crisis.

Other facts

  • Cabbage hates the current state of Garb in Amtgard and is working to push more people into wearing actual garb instead of broadcloth hockey jerseys.
  • Cabbage is a huge fan of goofy hats, which is why he pursued the monarchy in the first place. What is a crown if not a funny hat?
  • Cabbage and his fellow belted family member Squire Teflon often find themselves together in 'the drift'. Seriously, the less sober Cabbage is the more likely it is to happen and it's hilarious.

Belted Family

Tar'get De Mark

Notable Accomplishments

  • Helped and oversaw the removal of entering items for the purpose of crown qualifications.
  • Built a fundraising infrastructure into his kingdom's corpora
  • Pushed for hate speech language to be added to the rules of Play at Clan 2020
  • Successfully navigated COVID-19 and was the only monarch to still have active players during COVID with tons of research and safety precautions in-place.
  • Built a triple-triad based cardgame for amtgarders using the ORK and mORK tools as the infrastructure
  • With the Thunderhammer beltline, Cabbage participates in a weekly podcast which draws in Amtgarders and interesting figures from around the U.S. and Canada where you can hear their stories and insights on the game.

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