Perralayth Rogest

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Perralayth Rogest of Nymyr's Sanctum in Westmarch

"Perralayth Rogest"
Chapter Nymyr's Sanctum
Monarchy Status Sheriff
Kingdom Westmarch
Started 2014
Belted Status Page-At-Arms
Belted Under 2.0 (player)
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]
Facebook Em Grandinetti


"Don't give up! You've still got a couple of motherfuckers to prove wrong!"
—Perralayth Rogest, right before proving those motherfuckers wrong.


Perralayth first met Lord Bear Bear in their home during an Actor's Meeting for their then-weekend activity: a Zombie Club ran weekly event called Zombie Train. The meeting turned into Bear Bear talking about what he does regularly, this cool LARPing thing called Amtgard. That following weekend, they attended their first A&S night at Mistyvale, in 2014, June 17th. They were hooked instantly and still plays to this day. 1 1/2 years later, they accepted a Man-At-Arms belt under Lord Bear Bear. They respectfully dropped two years later, and accepted a Woman-at-Arms belt under Lord Fifty-Two, joining Duke Sir Downfall's belt line. After a while, Perralayth was dropped from said belt line, but was soon picked up by Squire 2.0 (player) as a Page-at-Arms, an unofficially official title, because 2.0 can't decide.


Perralayth Rogest, a half demon from the Breach. Or something like that, you never know at this point.

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House HKP/PP
House Raventhorne

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