Nymyr's Sanctum

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Nymyr's Sanctum


Status Shire
City Santa Clara, California
Park Bowers Park, CA
Meets on Sundays @ Noon
Founded 2007
Active Defunct

The Shire of Nymyr's Sanctum

A Shire of Westmarch in Santa Clara, CA.


The Shire of Nymyr's Sanctum resides within Silicon Valley, in California. The park is currently meeting every week at Bowers Park, 2570 Cabrillo Avenue, Santa Clara, CA. The group meets around noon every other Sunday for their regular park days and Discord Days (see link below) announced via their Facebook group (see below). Bowers Park sits between two schools off of the San Thomas Expressway and has its own public restrooms, drinking fountains, and picnic tables. There is plenty of shade and nearby street parking though the park itself has a very small parking lot. All parking is free.


Nymyr's Sanctum was originally founded under the name of Ashen Spire in March of 2007 by Lord Tevas after a number of potential players recruited from DunDraCon expressed interest in an Amtgard chapter in the San Jose area. Though they remained independent for their infancy, even during the Principality sponsored Southern Invasion where Ashen Spire was collectively part of a great siege weapon, the group did eventually join the Principality of Westmarch in February of 2009.

To celebrate their inclusion with the Principality, Sheriffs Jareth, Aurel Von Slade and Fenrir engaged in raids over the next two years to nearby groups. Ashen Spire claimed victory first over the now extinct park of Diablo's Cauldron, defeating its defenders from both within and without the invaded group. Next Ashen Spire set its sights on Wyvern's Spur, claiming victory despite the near-typhoon conditions that lead to most of the target group's membership not attending. "This is the storm that is Ashen Spire!" cried one of the conquerors on that day as they raised their rain soaked banner on Wyvern's Spur's hills. A subsequent raid of Wavehaven resulted in an unclear, disputed result before the raids ceased. The raids remain an important part of old Ashen Spire member's memories, and a shiver in their conquered people's spines.

In addition to their regular park days, attending events in the area, and their raiding shenanigans, the first incarnation of Ashen Spire also hosted an annual demo at the Fanime Anime Convention in San Jose. The demo exposed Amtgard to a potential pool of over 15,000 attendees every year. With the help of these activities and the support of their neighboring parks Ashen Spire was given approval by Westmarch on June 6, 2011 to call themselves the Barony of Ashen Spire from then on.

Despite all these successes and the popularity its members, the original group became defunct around mid-2013 when its leadership stopped attending and most members moved on to other activities. Though a small fraction of the original membership still attend Amtgard, sometimes sporadically, there was little interest in reviving the park. A couple of attempts from previous members eventually failed. Until 2017 when a San Jose area transplant, Meyliassa — who originally discovered Amtgard at the then Barony of Thor's Refuge – decided she wanted to have Amtgard in her area. After contacting various individuals both from the surrounding parks and her previous park up in Sacramento, Meyliassa was able to gather enough information and courage to take the plunge and reboot Ashen Spire. She first started hosting Fighter Practices, then on August 13, 2017 Ashen Spire had its first regular park day in around four whole years.

In August 2018, The current Monarchy at the time, and the attending populace made the big decision of renaming Ashen Spire to; Nymyr's Sanctum. Hoping to remove themselves from the origin of the park, to let it rest as a happy memory as the populace moves forwards.

Nymyr's Sanctum became defunct in November 2023.


  • Monarch: Alura Crengrove
  • Regent: None Elected
  • Champion: None Elected
  • Prime Minister: Eiluj Llah
  • Guildmaster of Reeves: None Elected

Nymyr's Sanctum Prior Monarchy

Current Regulars

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