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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set

An Assassin (V7)/Scout (V7) Archetype (V7) from the Book of Engoku (V7).


Ninja are mystical assassins and spies, and the bane of all honorable Samurai bent to the task of defending their Daimyo. Ninja can be found alone or in groups under a single sensei, and their skills are for hire to anybody with the coin. Even Ninja have their own sense of honor; they rarely turn on their clients, even when tempted with a higher bid from their target.


Ninja uniform with hood and mask, tabi boots. Black is the standard, but different environments call for different colors.


Essential Abilities

If you’re playing Ninja as an Assassin (V7), you’ll want to focus on Trap (V7), Teleport (V7), Touch of Death (V7) and Assassinate (V7). Scout (V7) Ninja were more hunters than killers, and masters at hiding, so you’d definitely want to get Camouflage (V7) and Tracking (V7). Ninja don’t wear much armor, as it tends to make noise, but padded armor is acceptable. Ninja never bother with shields, they just get out of harm’s way.

Suggested Abilities

Poison (V7) isn’t their favorite method of assassination, but they’re not above its use. Flame Arrow (V7) is an option if burning down the residence of their target will do the job. For the mystical Ninja, Earthbind can make an effective tool.

Role Playing Notes

Ninja don’t talk much, and when they do, they do so quietly, disguising their voice. Ninja are anonymous,and never ply their trade without their concealing face masks. Ninja are quick, and love climbing to get an advantage over their hapless targets. Use your Abilities with Ninja flair: pretend to toss down a smoke bomb when using Teleport (V7), for instance.


Ninja are known for having many weapon options at all times. Short swords, kama, nunchuku, LOTS of throwing weapons, war fans, small crossbows.

Care and Feeding

Ninjas subsist mostly on ramen noodles, rice and beans.


The natural enemy of the Ninja is the Pirate (V7). Many great wars have been fought to determine which is superior. For the most part Ninjas hold the upper hand on land, while Pirates dominate on the sea.


  • Ninjas are Silent But Deadly.
  • Once a ninja blade has been drawn, it cannot be sheathed until it has tasted blood. Most ninjas carry bandages in case they draw it with no one about.
  • While masters of disguise, Ninjas always incorporate certain garb elements that allow other ninja to recognize them into their disguise. They are usually subtle, apart from the face mask.
  • Ninjas can emulate hedges. This can even fool Druids (V7), even if they use Plant Door (V7).

Ninja emulating a hedge.

Ninja Capture

Ninja capture is a tradition practiced in certain parts of amtgard, especially in the Iron Mountains and Texas. It involves a number of people suddenly jumping an unsuspecting ninja while a photographer quickly snaps a picture of the Ninja, with everyone posing with him.
Ninja captured at Rakis in '06