Assassin (V7)

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Assassin is a core class focused on stealth, trickery, and (of course) assassination.

From the Rulebook

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Assassin

Assassins were once so powerful in the Middle East that Hulagu Khan had to storm their mountain fortress when they demanded tribute. Renaissance Italy and its setting of political intrigue made the courtly killing an art form. More known for the deadly ninjas of Japan as they stealthly raided the castles of Shoguns and assassinated them with ease.


The Ninja, the Borgias, the Jackal, Hassan-I-Sabah, Sir Francis Walsingham, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Ezio Auditore, La Volpe


Black sash

Class details:

Assassin Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
1st 4 dagger, short, long, throwing weapons - None -
2nd - short bow (T) - - Poison Weapon (ex) (2/game), Trap (ex) (1/game)
3rd - - - - Touch of Death (ex) (1/game), Teleport (ex) (2/game), Antidote to Poison (ex) (1/life)
4th - - 2 points (T) - -
5th - - small shields (T) - Assassinate (V7) (ex) (2/game)
6th - - - - Innate Ability - Choose two abilities to become (1/life) before game: Assassinate (V7), Poison Weapon, Teleport, Trap

Version 8 Amtgard Assassin - V8 RC 0.7.3

From the Japanese concept of ninja to the classic French highwayman and everything in between. The Assassin represents a wide range of characters relying on speed, agility, and creativity rather than brute force to accomplish their goals.
Examples: The ninja, Ebu Tahir, ronin, Hassan-I-Sabah, Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, Naruto Uzumaki
Garb: Black sash
Look The Part: Poison (self-only) 1/Life (ex)
Armor: 2pts
Shields: None
Weapons: Dagger, Short, Long, Light Throwing, Heavy Throwing, Bow
1 ○ Shadow Step 2/life (ex) (Ambulant)
○ Assassinate Unlimited (ex) (Ambulant)
2 ○ Poison (self-only) 1/Life Charge x3
3 ○ Blink 2/life (ex) (Ambulant)
4 ○ Hold Person 1/Life (m)
5 ○ Teleport (self-only) 2/Life (ex)
6 ○ Coup de Grace 1/Life (m)

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