Camouflage (V7)

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This rule is outdated

From the V7 Rulebook


10 ft green cloth

Incantation and gestures:

Place cloth in a circle, repeat x3 “May the forces of nature hide my presence.” To end the camouflage, the player must repeat x2 “Nature release me.”


Within circle


While inside the circle, the player can’t be attacked, even if someone viewed him activating the Camouflage. Area Effect (V7) magic that encompasses the area of the camouflage, such as Doomsday (V7), still affects the player. While camouflaged, the player may not affect anyone else, though they can use their own abilities on themselves such as healing or curing poison. The player may not camouflage anyone else (or their belongings), nor may game items be taken into camouflage. Any enemy with the Tracking (V7) ability within 20 feet can cancel the camouflage by stating “Tracking” and pointing out the player in question.

Who gets it?

Scouts at 3rd level (ex) (1/game)


Player Notes

You cannot simply step in and out.. It is not a sniper pillbox.-Roger