Scout (V7)

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Circa 6.0

Scout is a core class that utilizes both archery skills and wilderness lore.

From the Rulebook

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Scout

Anyone who survives for any time in the wilds learns the lay of the land. Many Native Americans are rightly seen as good trackers or Scouts, as were the mountain men who followed.


Strider, Hiawatha, Little John, Baden Powell


Green sash

Class details:

Scout Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
1st 4 dagger, short, long, staff, throwing weapons, bow 3 points, small shields Magical and non-magical forms of Lost Heal (ex) (1/life)
2nd - - - - Innate Ability - Choose one before game starts: Stun Arrow (1/reusable) (T), Flame Arrow (ex) (1/reusable) (T)
3rd - - - - Antidote to Poison (ex) (1/life), Truth (ex) (1/life), Camouflage (ex) (1/game)
4th - - - Traps Tracking (ex) (1/life)
5th - - - - Earth Bind (ex) (2/game)
6th - - - - Tracking becomes (2/life), Longbow (T), Attuned (T) (2/game)

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