Touch of Death (V7)

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Touch of Death (Enchantment (V7), Sorcery {Effect is Death})


Enchantment cloth


Repeat x20 “Touch of death,” tie strip on person.


Bearer of enchantment's touch kills (via either hand).


Will work through clothing, but not armor of any sort.


Does not have to be discharged on the next person touched after the enchantment is cast, but can be saved until it is needed; must be announced when discharged. The magic itself is Sorcery, but its effect when released is Death magic. Targets may not be touched in an illegal, dangerous, or offensive manner. Counts as one hit against invulnerability and invulnerable armor. One use only.

Who gets it?

Both Assassins and Monks receive this ability at 3rd level. The monk or assassin may only place it on him/herself.

Also 2nd level Anti-Paladin (V7) ability

Also a 4th level Healer and 3rd level Wizard enchantment.



In previous editions of Amtgard rules, this ability was known as "Vibrating Palm" when used by Monks. To prevent confusion and simplify, Monks were instead given Touch of Death as an Extraordinary (rather than magical) ability.