Flame Arrow (V7)

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An orange ribbon tied to the arrow or orange cloth cover.


Repeat x5 "flame arrow" immediately before firing said arrow.


A hit to a shield will destroy the shield unless its face is tapped to the ground five times within five seconds. A hit to a siege weapon by a flame arrow will do five points of damage to the siege weapon. Will deal damage to armor and people as normal. Has no effect on Iceball (V7), Entangle (V7), or any other magic unless specifically mentioned in the magic description. A flame arrow will remain lit for two minutes.

Note: The following spells and abilities preclude flame arrow from destroying a shield; warrior [[Improve Shield] (V7)], magically harden (V7)ed shields or targets of Imbue Shield (V7).

Note 2: A Thornwall (V7) struck with a flame arrow will ignite and behave as a Flamewall (V7) for 100 count before being consumed and disappearing.

Who gets it?

Scouts at 2nd level and Archer at 2nd level

Monster who Flame