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Text from Nautical Nights; also used in Book of Engoku
This “Monster” isn’t really a Monster at all. Instead it is a role-playing aid intended to show the versatility of the standard player classes. Archetypes are meant to provide suggestions, insight and ideas on how to play a specific style of persona with a standard player class (instead of creating a new Alt Class). Some suggestions may impose restrictions on equipment or spell selections. Others may dictate behavior on the field or use of class abilities.

Archetype Elements

Name of Concept

(ex: Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, etc.)

Class of Choice

(The class which best personifies the concept. More than one class may apply or be adapted for a given Archetype.)


A brief narrative on the basic premise.


How to look like your chosen concept. This is perhaps the most important element of an Archetype - because if you don’t look the part, then you really aren’t playing the part.

Essential Spells/Abilities

Spells or abilities every player of this type should have. These are the spells or abilities which best fit the specialist type. This section also offers suggestions on how certain primary abilities should be used to maintain the archetypes integrity.

Suggested Spells/Abilities

Some spells and abilities not entirely out of line with the concept. Spend leftover spellpoints here, if appropriate. This section also offers suggestions on how certain secondary abilities should be used to maintain the archetype's integrity.

Role-Playing Notes

Other suggestions (where applicable) for playing the class to its fullest. Summoning suggestions can be found here.


If you have to spend points on weapons, choose these to stay in character. Shields are covered in this heading.