Teleport (V7)

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Teleport (Spell, Sorcery)


Repeat loudly x5 “Teleport;” upon arrival loudly x5 "Arriving."




Target goes to any one location of the caster's choice. Cannot harm others nor be harmed during transit. Treat as Out of Game until at location, and may not be affected until the final "Arriving" has been started. Example: A player casts Teleport and chooses as his destination the base of his enemy. The enemy cannot notice his transit to the area, but does notice when he starts repeating "arriving" and may not affect him in any way until he finishes the final "arriving."


Must go straight to location. Should quietly tell reeve or teammate destination. May not be followed (Exception ~ Tracking (V7)). Location must be a fixed location, cannot be something like "Where the bandits are hiding the captives": if this location is not known. Cannot be used on unwilling targets and attempting to do so results in the spell being wasted.

Who gets it?

Assassins receive this skill at 3rd level. Also a 5th level Druid (V7), 6th level Healer (V7), and 4th level Wizard (V7) spell.

Monsters who teleport