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Sir Lord Nightmare Dragonspawn, of Celestial Kingdom


Nightmare began his journey into Amtgard in 1995 in Pegasus Valley. Where not even two weeks into this, he was asked to join a group on a road trip to Clan and he met the Saracens. Coming back from the event lead to him being invigorated and feeling great about this wonderful organization. Many years later in 2007, a chance opportunity presented him the ability to move to the Celestial Kingdom. Continuing to further his service to kingdom and country, he choose to serve as his Park Prime Minister Slaughter Creek twice and Park Regent Nocturnis once. His love of the game and passion for service when available is something that he does. Having established many friends and comrades in arms, he continues this day striving to be the very best at service that he can be.

Affiliated Groups

Shadow Moon - Current Lord of House

Open Triad.jpg

Belted Family

Formerly Man at Arms to Dame Andralaine (1999-2002)

Formerly Squired to Dame Yonnah (2002-2008}

At the time of his Knighting, he was Squired to Sir Rufus (2008-2014)

Tom Knighting.jpg

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

Regent of Nocturnis March 2018-Sept 2018
Prime Minister of Slaughter Creek May 2008-Nov 2008.
Prime Minister of Slaughter Creek May 2009-Nov 2009.
autocrat of Celestial Kingdom Midreign August 2014

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