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Squirehood; it's not a job, it's an indenture!

A Squire is generally a pupil to a Knight and is mentored toward becoming a Knight themselves one day. A Knight may choose to take a Squire, or may not. Taking a squire it is not something that a Knight must do.


Many different traditions exist in the different kingdoms of Amtgard. Some say that in the Kingdom of Neverwinter one Squire may be taken per order of Knighthood an individual has received. It is suggested in others, like the Celestial Kingdom at a knight may take two squires per belt, but could have more. It is told that in some kingdoms a person who is already knighted may Squire themselves to a knight of another order that they are pursuing. Most kingdoms do not have this requirement, but in Dragonspine a person must be a member of Amtgard for twelve weeks before they may become a squire.

Duties of a Squire

The Duties required of a Squire to a Liege are even more varied than the traditions in taking them. But in most situations the Squire is apprenticed to a knight to learn from them, to gain knowlege to better themselves in and out of the game.


The symbol of a squire is a Red belt, much like that of a Page is a yellow belt. In other similar games Squires are allowed to wear unadorned chains provided that they are silver. In amtgard we have no such custom; the unadorned chain is reserved for our knights.


Honorifics for Squire are, the obvious 'Squire' and the lesser known Esquire, which can be used just as it is spelled or, as an abbreviation as in Esq.


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