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Woman-at-Arms Momo Hellfrost, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, - Blackspire

”Hello, beautiful~”


Mundane Biography

Momo joined Amtgard in late 2008, taking on her mundane nickname as her persona. She then took an extended leave of absence due to mundane issues. She rejoined again in the summer of 2010.
As of 2011-2012, Momo is currently enrolled in school between holdings, considering making a holding to bridge the gap between Oregon and California.

Persona Biography

Re: Persona introductions

Titles: The Epic!, Goblinslayer

Race: Human

Occupation: Barbarian


In the North, there used to be a village tucked into a frozen valley. We were small but not a force to be trifled with. Barbarians we were, each and every one of us. There was nothing we couldn't do - we leveled entire forests, changed the shapes of mountains, sent any monster tripping on its scaly tail back into hiding. We were as strong and fierce as the greatest bear, and while we were cold, we were safe. We were Family.

I was born in this village, among these great warriors. My name was long, and eventually forgotten when the simpler version of "Momo" was taken up by my mother. As a smaller female in our Family, they didn't send me on any dragon hunt, not that we saw many of those. I stayed back, watching members of the Family that weren't quite old enough yet. I wasn't just a babysitter, I was a teacher as well. These little ones were born in a harsh world, and needed to toughen up to survive.

I was about 16 when winter started to rage against the village, and supplies were meant to be gathered and stored. Using every pair of hands they could, they asked all but the elderly and youngest to go and gather. I was eager to escape the drooling mouths of the babes and the cries of little ones, and left early that morning before the others stirred from their spouses and their furs.

Not more than a mile from the village, with the winds of warning tossing my furs and growling in my ears, a low sound caught my attention and distracted me from catching a small fox. I looked back to the valley, wondering if they were giving some sort of speech before scattering to gather and hunt. Instead a faint orange glow bathed the snows, orange and red and flicking.


I can't tell you exactly what happened after that; in my mind, the next hour or so is a hot, red blur with echoes on screaming in my ears. I would later find out that the village was set ablaze by the wall, surrounding them. A few of the Family did make it out, but I heard from none of them. None came looking for me; they must have presumed me dead. So I would go look for them.

I went to the South, deciding the they would seek warmth first and follow the food. I was not as strong as I could have been, but I refused to give up. Only weaklings were killed by the cold. But what did not kill my body did not make me stronger, but denser, harder. I would face anything without fear now - goblins, especially. In my haze, I found myself in a new land, with warriors of all sorts - archers, wizards, monks. Magic was everywhere, and so strange, dangerous. A thief and artist introduced herself to me, calling herself Klepto. What a twisted woman she was, pixie in attitude and warm in heart. I had not felt warmth like that in a long time, and regained a small candle's light of hope in this place called Mithril Hills.

As time went by, I made many friends. Barbarians like me, and magic users of all sorts. A harmless flirt of an archduke and a brave man who wore what he called a kilt. I didn't know that Mithril Hills sported the fashion of men wearing those, but it seemed to be commonly accepted. Donning my own skirt in his honor, and later taking the black belt belonging to my dear Klepto, I charged without fear into the fields of battle, tapping into my rage for a boost of strength in which the strongest of men feared me.

It was nice to be feared, like my fathers before me. I will show them honor.

Affiliated Groups

House Amtaku - Private
Sisters of the Spear - Aunt

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • She was paged to Lord Highlander at the end of July 2010.
  • Made Woman-At-Arms to Squire Klepto in January 2011.
  • Won Mithril Hills A&S Champion for the 2010 Winter Reign.
  • Mithril Hills Guildmaster of Monsters during the Winter 2010-11 Reign.

Momo's ORK