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Duke Count Sir Kenshin, of Tal Dagore, Defender of Tal Dagore


Seen illustrating impressive beard skillz. You mad?


"That's me, I'm the kid from E-Sam!"

"Who the fuck is Hay-Dez"

Kenshin is a guy who plays too much Amtgard. Occasionally found on E-Sam talking about going to events that he ends up not attending.

His Amtgard career started in the Shire of Timber Mist (no longer exists), later in the Shire of Black Feather (no longer exists), then to Gryphons Lake (no longer exists). All of which were under the (at the time) Duchy of Tal Dagore, later the Principality and eventually the Kingdom. He then moved to Guatemala, in Central America, where he started the Shire of Flame Peaks (no longer exists). He then went on to spend time with his friend and former squire, Jynx, in the Shire of the Shining Dogs. After that, he moved from the Barony of Knoblands in Springfield to the Barony of Falcon Tor, and back to Knoblands again. After that, he joined up with the Barony of Jupiter's Stones (no longer exists), moved to Arkansas, moved to California for a few months and hung out with Wyvern's Spur, then headed back to Arkansas for a while with Glyn in tow, where they would hit up the Knoblands. He's all over the place. Currently, he's back in St Louis and is now a member of Knight's Rest.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Kenshin also squired a whole bunch of people one night, including, but not limited to Tesstiment, Clio, Tye Dye, Leeda, and Vigus Fatbelly.

Notable Accomplishments

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Kenshin at Clan 2006

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