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Lesser Thane Radiant Glyn Aidan the Just and the Once Unbelted, The Baronet Lord Arr-Chonn's Favourite, First of her Name and First Ranger of Tal Dagore, of Caradoc Hold, Wyvern's Spur, Knoblands, Knight's Rest, etc etc


Glyn, at BotD 2014 laughing at Bear. Who also took this picture.

Per Aspera Ad Astra


Fielding first in 2003 at Wolvenfang for a single day, followed by once in Haranshire, and by attending a sporadic handful of events, Glyn began regularly playing Amtgard by helping to found Caradoc Hold in 2004. She spent almost ten years there, moved to California and hung out with the cool kids in Wyvern's Spur for a while, then followed Kenshin to Arkansas and joined up with the Knoblands, then went onward to Missouri and Knight's Rest.

Glyn likes to roam, wandering all over the place. She makes lots of things, sews lots of tunics, and is known for hiding in really obvious places, where half the time no one can find her anyway.

The Rising Star Tarot

Glyn and Promethea made a Major Arcana tarot deck out of Amtgarders from Goldenvale and the Nine Blades c. 2013 because they like crazy projects. All players involved were active and in the area at the time, tho many including Glyn and Promethea have moved elsewhere since the deck's creation. The Facebook page for the deck can be found here.

Facts about Glyn

  • Glyn is not Bowen's squire, don't listen to the things he says.
  • Glyn is the Patron Saint of Caradoc Hold.
  • Glyn's beneficent smile is a cover for the fact that she and her company push Joxar into holes.
  • Glyn managed to remain the GM of Scouts in Caradoc even while living in Ireland for four months.
  • Glyn is Tesstiment's older sister.
  • Glyn was the subject of two different typos in one night, earning her the name Lord Gyln.
  • Glyn helped found the Nine Blades, but isn't part of it anymore.
  • Glyn claimed a raccoon at a Twilight Peak field in the name of Caradoc Hold, because Caradoc was a duchy and duchies can do that.
  • Like Ritari, Glyn may secretly be a Jazz Lion.
  • Lanky is Glyn's champion, and wins tournaments because she tells him to. She is in turn one of Lanky's good luck charms.
  • Glyn is occasionally known to tagteam the wiki with Promethea. Beware.
  • Glyn belongs to the sun, Glyn belongs to the thunder.

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company

Miscellaneous Nonsense

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

  • Chancellor of Caradoc Hold, September 2004 - May 2005, July 2007 - March 2008, March 2009 - September 2009, September 2010 - March 2011
  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, October 2005 - October 2006
  • Sheriff of Caradoc Hold, May 2006 - November 2006
  • Regent of Caradoc Hold, November 2006 - May 2007, June 2012 - December 2012
  • Guildmaster of Scouts, September 2004 - June 2008
  • Champion of Caradoc Hold, June 2008 - December 2008
  • Captain of the Guard, Caradoc Hold, December 2008 - March 2009
  • Dragonmaster of the Nine Blades, January 2011 - July 2011,
  • Duke of Caradoc Hold, December 2012 - June 2013
  • Guildmaster of Reeves, Wyvern's Spur, March 2014 - November 2014
  • Prime Minister of Wyvern's Spur, August 2014 - July 2015
  • Dragonmaster of Tal Dagore, August 2016 - March 2017

More Really Old Photographic Evidence That Glyn Exists

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More Information

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