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Borderlands, formerly of Emerald Hills

The Borderlands played at Cameron Park in Waco, Texas. The Borderlands' population peaked in 1995 when it was elevated to the level of Principality. The population eventually crashed to shire levels. When the population started growing again the group left Amtgard and formed the Kingdom of Kalladen in HFS. Amtgard was re-established in Waco when Kaembryge was formed. Very few (3 maybe 4) of the old members (anyone around before the Pricipality was raised) are still active in Amtgard or in HFS. Borderlanders were known for their pride in their park.

Fighting Companies Originating in the Borderlands.

Borderlands History of Reigns

Borderlands Officers

At Clan Events in 1995, the Borderlands signed the contract with Emerald Hills to be raised to High Principality on December 1, 1995. Sir Falamar LaCrane wrote the Principality contract with the Emerald Hills negotiating terms with King Cabal and Selka Shadowcat. It was then handed to Sir Heimdale who transferred the document into Corpora form.

Sir Asmund Heimdale Haroldsson stepped down from his position as Duke after confronting his Prime Minister Sleet Gil'Shalos over inconsistencies with record keeping and the addition of awards and class levels unearned by members of the Dark Hand. When the large scale record fraud continued Sir Heimdale reported the abuse to King Cabal of the Emerald Hills and stepped down, vowing never to return to public office..

During Reign 11, Sir Terarin petitioned the Emerald Hills to have the Borderlands status reduced to Duchy due to poor attendance. This was a very unpopular decision, especially with the Dark Hand who, after a year absence, had returned to play Amtgard.

During Reign 12 the Borderlands was dissolved by Duchess Sleet Gil'Shalos and the Dark Hand at a secret populace meeting (held at a private residence) and those members joined HFS. Within the following year Sir Terarin and Dame Kayrana founded the Shire of Emerald Woods, which eventually dissolved from poor attendance.

Interesting Facts about the Borderlands

  • For over a year many quests, personas and even companies in the Borderlands were based heavily on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series. Monster rules were written for Aes Sedai, Trollocs, Warders and many other creatures from Wheel of Time.
  • The Borderlands coronation in December 1995 at Mother Neff State Park is still frequently referred to because of the extremely cold weather but good feast and hospitality.
  • There were once rumors that the Borderlands and Mordengaard were going to join togethor and try to form a new kingdom. Instead Mordengaard played an integral role in the formation of the Kingdom of the Wetlands and the Borderlands was raised to High Principality.
  • Sir Terarin is both despised and loved by many former Borderlanders for conquering the Principality and insisting that the group become an active member in the Emerald Hills and Amtgard at large. He has been told, in no uncertain terms, that he is not welcome at Kalladen. Sleet and the Dark Hand were so angry at the Borderlands being reduced to a Duchy that they did not show up to Sleet's coronation as Duchess. Additionally, he was known for blocking "unworthy" Borderlands candidates in the Emerald Hills belted circle.