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Chapter under the Kingdom of The Rising Winds located in Columbus, Ohio.

Kingdom of Rising Winds



Previously a chapter of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, Currently a chapter of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Founded in 1999. We are a well established Duchy with many ongoing Quests and themed battle games, plus a lot of plain old ditching and ditch games! We average 30 on most days and our members are well traveled to other local groups and national amtgard events. You can find us on Facebook at Facebook logo.jpg All visitors are always welcome!


Northernmost shelter of Griggs Park Park in Columbus, OH. For directions, try this Google Map Link.



  • Monarch.... Baronet Greed Shen
  • Regent....... Feyraine
  • Champion...... Toot Toot Kressh
  • Prime Minister..... juicy Kressh
  • GMR... Narsh Kressh
  • Map Keeper....... Agrevall of Hammerfell

More Information

This Chapter meets on Sundays at 1pm.

Hosts Amtgard Demos at Origins Game Fair every year.

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