Grim Garrison

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A Barony of the Rising Winds located in Lexington, Kentucky.


Despite the use of Conjoined Wings au Lure in its heraldry, Grim Garrison is not affiliated with Archon.


Started playing Amtgard on November 1, 2015 with 5 people. Submitted a Contract to the Kingdom of Burning Lands on March 12, 2016. The bid was accepted. We have now petitioned and been accepted into the Kingdom of the Rising Winds during Bridge Wars 2016.

Promoted to Barony at Keep on the Borderlands 2017



Park Officers



Contacts and Directions

Park Days; Jacobson Park (near Shelter 4) Saturdays 11AM

Shilito Park (near Shelter 3) Sundays 2PM

(Currently Suspended Fall 2023) Fighter Practice; Woodland Park (between the skate park and pool) Thursdays 5PM


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