Auromax Silverhawk

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Grand Duke Sir Auromax Silverhawke, Defender of the Iron Mountains


Often a teacher at SKBC. Auromax was a Sword knight on the front lines of the newfangled funnoodle teck, but he has been out of the world a spell and is at the moment getting his sea legs back. Auromax hailed from the Iron Mountains but is now a resident of the Emerald Hills.

He is excellently Lefthanded and generally genial.


According to the Purple Duck, Auromax's name means "the strongest deodorant money can buy".

Belted famliy

Auromax's Knightly Family desendes from Thorn Crossbearer. He has at least three squires that have joined the peerage, Sir Talisin Silverwolf, Sir Lief McPayne Cedric Pentacles, and Sir Brennen MacGregor

Affiliated groups

Former member of Claw Legion currently a member of the Green Dragons and Tetsuyama.

Notable Accomplishments



Listing on the IM Knights page

Could also be spelled with an 'E' at the end of 'Silverhawke'

And could be the shortened name Auromax