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The safety Officer of any one park

Champions in the world

A champion (identical to the French, from the late Latin campio) is one who has repeatedly come out first among contestants in challenges (especially the winner of a tournament or other competition) or other test, one who is outstandingly skilled in their field. Olympic Gold Medalists, for example, Lindsay Davenport or Jean Claude Killy are champions in this sense. The term can be applied to animals too, in particular racehorses, eg, Secretariat or Phar Lap.1

In sports, a champion is the athlete or team in first place at the end of a season of organized competition (and, if applicable, any associated playoffs). It is for this reason that such competitions are often called championships.

There can be a territorial pyramid of championships, e.g. local, regional / provincial, state, national, continental and world championships, and even further (artificial) divisions at one or more of these levels, as in soccer. Their champions can be accordingly styled, e.g. national champion, world champion. In certain disciplines, there are specific titles for champions, either descriptive, as the baspehlivan in Turkish oil wrestling, or copied from real life, such as the koning and keizer ('king' and 'emperor') in traditional archery competitions (not just national, also at lower levels) in the Low Countries.

Champions in Amtgard

Most of this article pertains to the office of Kingdom Champion, though many comparisons can be drawn for the local level

At the Kingdom Level, this produces the Kingdom Champion, which is one of the four primary offices in the kingdom, and fourth in line of succession should something happen to the Monarch, Regent and Prime Minister.

In the early days of Amtgard, the Monarch was sometimes decided by combat, in these cases the Monarch would be the winner of the champion tourney and the champion would be the runner up. This has not been the case for a long time however (the last known time I am aware of any kingdom doing this was Goldenvale in the mid 90s, prior to that it would probably be in the 80's sometime).

The champion is different than the Weaponmaster, whereas the latter is simply a master of weapons, the champion is a position of greater responsibility, and anyone entering the tourney should be willing to do the job if they win.

Excerpt from the Corpora

The following is a relevant portion of the Burning Lands Corpora fifth Edition. check your corpora for specific rulings.

  • 1.41 The Champion is the individual who placed first in the Champion tourney.
  • 1.42 Shall maintain a lost and found for the organization.
  • 1.43 Responsible that all weapons and armor have been checked for safety and legality.
  • 1.44 Responsible for organizing battlegames on days when no predetermined scenarios are scheduled.
  • 1.45 Shall be the defender of the Crown.
  • 1.46 Shall not miss more than four weeks in a row or twelve weeks total else a new Champion must be found.
  • 1.47 May receive the title of Defender after his/her term.
  • 1.4A Only those who qualify at Crown Qualifications may try for Champion.
  • 1.4B Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 1.4C Must pass a reeve’s test with a minimum score of 75%.
  • 1.4D Must be dues paid.

Read about the first champions of each Kingdom here.

How do you become a champion?

A champion is typically chosen from those participating in the Champion's Tournament at the local and Kingdom level. The methods of choosing a champion vary from Kingdom to Kingdom but the first step is usually to declare as a candidate for the office. Candidates are then required to qualify for the office. The most common qualifications require that the champion pass a reeves and corpora tests and then pass some cultural qualifications. After qualifying, the candidate must then place above the other qualifying for the office in the Warmaster Tournament or sometimes in a separate Champion's Tournament.

The testing and number of cultural qualifications needed vary per Kingdom and they may not be used at all. In groups with a separate Champion's Tournament there are usually additional war qualifications that must be met in the Warmaster Tournament. The office is voted on in some Kingdoms instead of being chosen by martial prowess.

Duties of the Champion

At the local level

Just as at the Kingdom Level the Duties of the Champion are to maintain the saftey of the field. He or She must check weapons, and balance teams. The Champion at the local level is also responsible for running local battle games.

At the Kingdom Level

The Champion is responsible for weapon safety, security, organizing Battlegames, and running the Lost and Found. He or she brings to the attention of the Monarch those amtgarders worthy of recognition for their martial skill. The exact duties may vary from kingdom to kingdom.

The Rewards of the office

The office of Kingdom Champion is in most kingdoms one of the possible qualifiers for becoming a Knight of the Sword and a Knight of the Crown. If a champion, at the Kingdom level, serves their term well the Monarch may grant them the Title of Defender, which is added to their name regardless of other titles; As "Duke Sir Thor Tandræbe, Defender of the Iron Mountains" and "Dame Squeak! of the Principality of Winter's Edge, Defender of the Emerald Hills"