Tristan du Sable

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Sir Tristan Greymayne, of Dragonspine and the Burning Lands



Tristan is a supremely honorable fighter that hailed from Dragonspine in the mid to late 1990's. He ran for King in late 1996 and was defeated by Hawkthorne in an election that many questioned. It was alleged that the PM allowed people to join, pay dues and vote on the day of the election. He subsequently served as Champion for his good friend Phocion. Tristan was dubbed a Knight of the Sword by Phocion at Clan XV. The buffet line that he cheerfully endured (punctuated by a strong punch from Sir Guy Kasama) was the source of long debate on the morality of the practice on the now defunct Amtgard-L. The buffet resulted in a cracked sternum. In the years following his knighting, Tristan slowly faded from the game as his career as a Las Cruces New Mexico police officer took more and more of his time. Tristan married Kat of the Burning Lands and they have a daughter named Morgana who thankfully looks like her mommy. Tristan has returned to Amtgard and resides in the Burning Lands. He has served as Champion,Regent and King of the First Kingdom. He now goes by the name Tristan Greymane.

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This player predates the ORK